I’m running.

November 10th, 2011

I trust that you agree with me that we should never have to endure another state shutdown like we did in June.

As a prime example of what’s wrong with the current state of the state, the legislative majority did not compromise for the benefit of the state, but fought to win politically at all costs.  That is why I am running for the House of Representatives.  The governor reluctantly accepted their proposal, so that the citizens of Minnesota could get back to work. But the proposal does not cut the deficit and borrows from our schools and future income. Our financial future was not protected, but once again, mortgaged.

We must cut state spending, but we need to do it with care and insight into the consequences of our actions. We need to make sure we don’t leave our middle class families worse off, and that we protect the most vulnerable among us. We must reform our tax code so that all citizens are contributing equally.  Under our current system, families with an annual income of $450,000 pay a 1/3 lower tax rate than those making  $45,000, and I don’t think that makes any sense. Do you?

Please help me renew our commitment to the civic responsibility and our dreams for the future that have long made Minnesota great. I look forward to seeing you and working with you as I campaign during this next year.