About Shannon

Who is Shannon Savick?

Most recently, I was mayor of Wells, and on the Wells City Council before that. Before retiring, I had a 28-year career in technology sales and marketing at Digital Equipment, in Iowa and Massachusetts. I have a BS in Math and Physics from MSU-Mankato, and an MBA from Clark University.

I have been married to my husband, Delmar Phipps, for 30 years. We have one son, Fran Martin, who we adopted in 1985 after being his foster parents for three years. I have been an advocate for children in foster care, and successfully worked to change Massachusetts law allowing foster parents to adopt.

I grew up in Bricelyn, where my father was the manager of the local grain elevator. The year I graduated from high school, my father suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire. My mother bought a cafe in Keister, which became a successful family business. But because of my father’s illness, I postponed college to work for my mother and help her start her business. I learned first-hand, and at an early age, the challenges people in our area have making better lives for themselves and their children. My parents were honest progressive people who instilled in their children the importance of integrity and hard work, but also the value of compassion and generosity for those less fortunate.

I hope that, with your help, I can bring these values back to the Minnesota State Legislature.